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Parallax is a stunning single page Weebly template with an interactive scrolling menu, and several parallax sections on the homepage. each of which will make your site look amazing. Webfire Themes

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Webfire Themes presents Parallax

Thousands of websites use this single page scrolling Weebly Template to create an amazingly styled, modern yet professional website.


Weebly 4 Compatible

The thing you probably don't know is that entire website was built using the Free Weebly platform. That's right! All of the features you see on the demo of Parallax either come as standard in Weebly or are part of the simply amazing custom functionality you will find in the Parallax Template.

By using the power of Weebly's standard Drag and Drop features along side this Amazing Single Page Weebly template, you will be sure to create a professional looking website in no time at all.




One of the things we offer with our themes are custom Widgets. These are styled and designed especially for the theme, and have much more properties than a lot of the standard applications in the Weebly App Center. By including custom Widgets, we open up the ability to create a truly style focused website with the Parallax theme. 

The only drawback with Custom Widgets is the fact you have to insert them into weebly in HTML code format, and we totally understand that most of Weebly's users don't know anything really about HTML, nor do they want to! That's exactly why the are using weebly right?

This is where the WIDG comes in. We never want to stop offering Amazing Custom widgets with our themes, which no other theme provider can offer like we do. So to get around the issue we created a tool called the WIDG. 

The WIDG is an interactive tool that lets you easily design the custom widgets (Change Colors, Change content, Add icons, Change font color etc), and when you're widget looks just like you want it to. you can click a button that will generate the code you need to insert into your website. 

It's as simple as that... With the WIDG you can now have stunning bespoke styled Custom Weebly Widgets on your Parallax Website without touching a line of code. It's so easy a three year old could do it!

Mobile and Tablet Responsive

Parallax is designed with responsiveness in mind... 

No matter what device you're viewing on, a website build with Parallax will look amazing, whether it's a 30" Mac or an iPhone 5 the clever coding of this theme will make sure your content is adjusted accordingly to fit perfectly and leave your visitors with a pleasent viewing experience. 

We have designed Parallax to respond down using the standard Weebly Responsive framework, so you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that Parallax will work perfectly in Weebly.


In case you didn't know, a bit about Weebly.

Weebly is an incredibly powerful tool that anyone can use to build their own website easily. By simply dragging and dropping the many standard Weebly Elements available into your page you can create amazing layouts that contain titles, text, images, videos, blockquotes, social icons and much much more. 

Weebly also has other great functionality such as a fully functional Blog, E-Commerce tools and SEO settings.

You may be wondering, if you use Weebly why do I need to purchase a custom theme? Well Although there are standard themes available in Weebly, what you don't get in the Standard Weebly interface is a custom slider header, custom widgets, A free video header, Styled social icons, Parallax backgrounds and many other great features that the Parallax theme offers and a free Drag and Drop footer. 

The most important thing of all, is to understand Our themes don't stop you from using the standard Weebly features, instead it will enhance what you can do in Weebly by making use of the custom features that work independently.

Just to give you an idea of What weebly can offer, check out the standard drag and drop elements you get.






Full Features List

  • Custom Slider Header (Using the award winning Revolution Slider - worth $29)
  • Custom Video Header (Meaning you can create a video header without upgrading to Weebly Premium)
  • Custom Static Image Header (where rotating text is displayed for the caption)
  • Several other custom header types including
    • Countdown Clock
    • Splash Pages
    • Weebly 4 enabled Header
  • Fully mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Fully compatible with Weebly 4
  • 13 fully Custom HTML Widgets.
  • Access to the WIDG (Our bespoke and Custom Interface where you can design and generate the Custom HTML widgets)
  • Dedicated Instructions website
  • Styled Social Icons
  • Quote Rotator on homepage
  • Parallax backgrounds (Click to upload)
  • Custom footer
  • Theme Options
  • Easy Customization.

Please Note: As parallax is a single page weebly template it is not integrated with the Weebly Store and Weebly Login functionality. Also, Demo content will not be provided with this theme.


  • Weebly 1 (1.0 - 1.0)

Translations Supported English translation supported
Columns One Column,Two Columns,Three Columns,Four Columns
Width Fixed
Responsive True
Colors Light
Browser Compatibility IE7,IE8+,Firefox,Chrome,Safari,Opera,Edge
High Resolution Yes

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Single License ($45)
Extended License ($150)
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