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Why pay upfront for your online purchase when you could buy now and pay later? Get it now and pay it off later – it’s that easy. Applying for a tab takes seconds and you can use it to quickly secure those concert tickets, sale items, and special gifts that are on your list. Denise Purtzer

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FuturePay is a payment option that lets your customers buy now and pay later – without a credit card. By putting purchases on a FuturePay tab, your customers can check out in one easy step.

Regardless of what you’re selling, FuturePay will lower the barriers to completing a purchase by eliminating the hassle of using a credit card. FuturePay makes it easier to attract new customers, increase repeat customers, and grow your business.

You work hard to drive traffic to your site, so why not convert as many of those customers as possible? FuturePay captures more customers for merchants by giving your customers a better way to pay. In seconds, your new customer can check out with the item they've been eyeing on your site.

  • Your customer adds items to their cart, selects FuturePay as their payment option and completes the order.

  • Your customers settle their balance directly with FuturePay and pay in flexible monthly payments.

  • FuturePay pays you upfront, regardless of how long it takes your customer to pay off their FuturePay tab.

  • Your happy customers can use their FuturePay tabs to buy now and pay later for future purchases.

Installation and account creation Instructions

Install FuturePay and Apply for your FuturePay Merchant Account

1. Install the FuturePayUS extension using your Magento Connect Manager.

2. Navigate to System > Configuration > Payment Methods > FuturePay.
3. Click the Sign Up link within the extension - or Log in if you already have a merchant account
4. Enter your credentials and Sign up (or Log in) to retrieve your API Key.
5. Ensure that FuturePay is Enabled and Sandbox is not selected.
6. Save config - You're ready to start transacting!


  • Magento Community 1.9.x ( -
  • Magento Community 1.8.x ( -
  • Magento Community 1.7.x ( -
  • Magento Community 1.6.x ( -
  • Magento Community 1.5.x ( -
  • Magento Community 1.4.x ( -
  • Magento Community 1.3.x ( -
  • Magento Enterprise 1.9.x ( -
  • Magento Enterprise 1.8.x ( -
  • Magento Enterprise 1.7.x ( -
  • Magento Enterprise 1.6.x ( -
  • Magento Enterprise 1.5.x ( -
  • Magento Enterprise 1.4.x ( -

Version 2.0.13

Updated Learn More verbiage

Version 2.0.12

Change to Customer Service phone number.

Version 1.4x

1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8


Demo Video https://futurepay.com/promo/
Translations Supported English translation supported

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