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This module allows you to schedule sending emails, inviting your buyers to post comments and review on their purchased products.

You will increase the number of comments on your product pages.
Advanced Plugins
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It helps your shop by collecting information and adding content to it. 

Create a link between you and your customers, take the time to know their satisfaction towards a product that you sell. The number of comments on a product can reassure other consumers to purchase.

With the “Analytics Tracker” you can count the number of reviews make by the module.

With statistics you can have your own states. 

Increase quickly and easily your number of reviews on your product pages !

Thanks to this module :

  • Your pages are highlighted in Google results thanks to Google Rich Snippets (also called Structured Data). Yellow stars will appear below your results in Google making them more visible.
  • Seeing reviews makes your new customers more confident about your products and your shop.

Your customers are enhanced by the importance you give them by asking them to give their review.

Automatic sending of reminder mails to your customers inviting them to leave a review.

• It is possible to set the delay and the order state after which the reminder mail must be sent. For instance, you can decide to send a mail 7 days after an order has been put in the order state Delivered or multiple selectable statuses.

• Choose the sending by triggering a programmed button or by cron

• Allows the merchant to reward the customer posting a review with a discount coupon encouraging them to make a future purchase.

• As an extra feature, every logged in user that has previously purchased a product, when visiting the site, they will receive a small floater in right bottom corner encouraging the user to leave a review.

Be careful, only the order passed AFTER the installation are concerned about the module. 

Your customers can express their opinion about the products bought from your shop.

Be in contact and directly give a comment to the shop.

Future buyers have plenty of comments.

Receive a discount coupon after the review, making them feel rewarded for their review and encouraging them to make a future purchase with the coupon


  • Prestashop 1.7.x ( -
  • Prestashop 1.6.x ( -
  • Prestashop 1.5.x ( -

Demo Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTTlkPkHE4M
Translations Supported English translation supported

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Single License ($39)
Extended License ($149)
Installation ($30)
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