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Discover the Froggy Toolbar module, a great administration tool on your shop to manage your site on PrestaShop!
It will make easier your daily management of your e-commerce website.
Froggy Toolbar displays on your shop a toolbar visible only by the administrator(s) to manage your shop faster.
Froggy Commerce

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Navigation on the front office is very common for all e-commerce website administrators. Froggy Toolbar allows you to link your front office to your administration panel to facilitate the daily work of the shop manager.

When you will log in to your administration panel, the Toolbar will be immediately available on your shop, and will be visible only to the users connected to the administration panel.

Froggy Toolbar offers many features, one of the most important is the edit page button.

This button allows you to edit the page where you are, a product, a CMS page, category page ... On click, you will be redirected to the form edition of the item.

You will avoid the tedious step of research in the administration panel.

The Froggy Toolbar module incorporates the PrestaShop notification system (also for version 1 .4, which is a Froggy Commerce exclusivity). Thus, while you will navigate on your store, you will be notified of the latest orders placed on your site, the last messages received, and the latest accounts created on your PrestaShop e-commerce site.

Froggy Toolbar also puts at your fingertips a multitude of useful links: creating a product, category, a cms page, access to the dashboard, management of your orders ...


  • Prestashop 1.6.x ( -
  • Prestashop 1.5.x ( -
  • Prestashop 1.4.x ( -

Version 1.0.4

JS Bug fix for PrestaShop 1.4


Translations Supported English translation supported French translation supported Spanish translation supported

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