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This Opencart extension will allow you to integrate the Facebook Pixel (with events) in your Opencart webshop(s), to track the revenue gained from Facebook ad campaigns. Jorim van Hove

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This Opencart extension will allow you to integrate the Facebook Pixel (with events) in your Opencart webshop(s), to track the revenue gained from Facebook ad campaigns. This extension will track the default events: ViewContent, AddToCart, Purchase, Search, AddToWishlist, InitiateCheckout, CompleteRegistration

To run Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook you need to implement the AddToCart, Purchase and ViewContent events in your webshop.

The Facebook Pixel can be used for three main functions:

  • Building Custom Audiences from your website for remarketing.
  • Optimizing ads for conversions.
  • Tracking conversions and attributing them back to your ads.

The conversion events will be reported to Facebook with parameters 'value', 'currency', 'content_ids' (= product ID), 'content_name' (= product name), 'num_items' (for the Purchase and InitiateCheckout events).

With this extension it is still possible to implement the older Facebook Conversion Pixel (which will be removed mid 2016).


  • Opencart 3.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.3.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.2.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.1.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.0.3.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.0.2.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.0.1.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.0.0.x ( -
  • Opencart 1.5.6.x (1.5.6 -
  • Opencart 1.5.5.x (1.5.5 -
  • Opencart 1.5.4.x (1.5.4 -
  • Opencart 1.5.3.x (1.5.3 -


Compatibility update for OC3.0.x.x 


Translations Supported English translation supported
vQmod Required Yes

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Single License ($34.9)
Extended License ($72.21)
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