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Now sell your vouchers as products. Create products called as voucher and sell them at your shop.On each sell of voucher product, voucher created with random code & prefix set and sent as email. Kodecube

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Now sell your vouchers as products. Create products called as voucher and sell them at your shop.On each sell of voucher product, voucher created with random code & prefix set and sent as email.

  • Added order status check- coupon sent if order status set in admin matches (needed for offline payment system check)
  • Incase of offline payments- admin can send by "send voucher" button.
  • Complete multilanguage and multistore support.
  • Design html emails in admin
  • Get voucher details in customer order history, admin order view, admin invoice.
  • Added easy "set this product as voucher" button
  • Added display voucher products in module box
  • Added ability to gift voucher to emailid on checkout (optional to customer)-when gift email it is mentioned in email who gifted you this voucher.
  • Added allow/block order totals eg: coupon/voucher/tax/shipping etc on cart and checkout. this makes it advanced for eg you can block coupon/voucher/tax etc apply during checkout when you have voucher product in cart.(this saves you by disallowing customers to buy voucher products by voucher or coupon use.
  • Added shipping method and payment method control for voucher product in cart. eg you can block certain payment methods or block delivery address requirement on checkout when you have voucher product in cart. you can also allow certain shipping methods only.
  • Redeem points: when a voucher is used by any customer(gift or sell) - if allow redeem points enabled in module, the customer who was original buyer of this voucher gets points on the value of voucher amount used. this points are multiple of voucher value used and multiplier value is given in admin module setting.
  • You have option to give multiplier emails if you allow in admin module. eg during promotion time you set this value to 2. so eg 1 you buy 1 voucher eg 20$ voucher value, you get 2 vouchers of 20$
  • All possibilities of cart taken, eg normal product and voucher product together in cart would apply payment type and shipping type and tax type from normal setting(tax if enabled in store would be applied to only normal product(if its disabled on voucher product) and coupon and voucher apply on cart during voucher product buy is disabled, it would keep it disabled. Its confusing to read, but it has all possibilities taken care, you would understand it on maybe demo store or when you buy and test it.
  • You can sell both type of products in 1 single store, normal products and voucher products together and they can be in same cart too.

Installation guide

Download module, extract zip files, copy and paste all files and folder to your root directory. All files and folder are newer. 

Go to admin -> Extension -> Module -> Sell Voucher -> install-> edit -> Make Some changes as you want -> save.


  • Opencart 2.0.1.x ( -
  • Opencart 2.0.0.x ( -
  • Opencart 1.5.6.x (1.5.6 -
  • Opencart 1.5.5.x (1.5.5 -
  • Opencart 1.5.4.x (1.5.4 -
  • Opencart 1.5.3.x (1.5.3 -
  • Opencart 1.5.2.x (1.5.2 -
  • Opencart 1.5.1.x (1.5.1 -
  • Opencart 1.5.0.x (1.5.0 -

Translations Supported English translation supported
vQmod Required Yes

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Single License ($25)
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