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10 Best Reasons to use PrestaShop 10 Best Reasons to use PrestaShop Resources

published 3 years ago

Prestashop is one of the best eCommerce platforms that have continued to gain popularity over the past few years. Having been founded in the year 2007 in France, this eCommerce platform has continued to offer Ecommerce solution to a wide range of business over the world. This platform helps business to manage orders, inventory clients and shipping in real time. Prestashop also allows you to transfer the payments made by your customers securely to your bank account. The following are the major advantages of using Prestashop.

1. It’s free - Prestashop can be downloaded and installed free of charge thus allowing you to have an efficient eCommerce system even if you are on a tight budget. You can use the money save other activities such as advertising your business.

2. SEO friendly - SEO friendly sites usually have a better ranking in search results. SEO experts love 
working on Prestashop since it allows them to change title tags and URLs easily for better ranking in search results.

3. Add to cart option - This platform comes with an inbuilt animated add to cart option that makes shopping easier.

4. Easily developed - Prestashop can be developed very easily thus reducing the time and cost of putting your website and the shopping cart together. Unlike other platforms, Prestashop is a simple system thus very easy to maintain.

5. Multilingual - Your website should be translated into several languages depending on geographical coverage and business type. Prestashop supports translation to all major languages; thus your clients can navigate your site easily without any language barrier.

6. Fast and simple - Unlike other complex platforms that require complex servers, the size of Prestashop allows it to run on less complex servers.

7. Free modules - These modules guide you how to set up your online shopping cart thus you end up having a running platform at no cost within a very short period. You can use the time and money saved on other business development projects.

8. Free themes - This platform has free themes that you can use to customize your site to improve appearance.

9. Easy to learn - You do not need a professional to teach you how to use Prestashop. This platform is not complex thus you can master it very quickly.

10. Continuous improvement - Prestashop keeps on in improving its futures to keep up with the advancement in technology. This guarantees you high-quality services and satisfaction.

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