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An Interview with Michael Bellini An Interview with Michael Bellini Interviews

published 4 years ago

We got a chance to interview Michael Bellini last week and want to share some bits here of everyone's benefit. Michael has made his name in the Prestashop community for great services and awesome modules. Take a look!

Thanks for chatting with us Michael, can you please  briefly introduce yourself. 

Bellini: My name is Michael Bellini, owner of Bellini Services.  I provide eCommerce solutions for small businesses.

How did you get started with Prestashop development? Which was your first module?

Bellini: A friend of mine wanted to start a business selling merchandise online.  I first looked into OSCommerce, which is a product I had used in the past.  However I wanted to offer options and that is when I discovered Prestashop.  We chose to use Prestashop and my client needed a payment module that would work with their Elavon Payment Provider.  My Virtual Merchant Payment Module was born.

What is the status of your current portfolio? How long do you devote in Prestashop development?

Bellini:  Since creating the Virtual Merchant Payment Module, I now have 30 different Prestashop modules support Payment, Front Office Features, Social Media and Shipping. 

What are the challenges do you face with Prestashop development? Is there something which can be improved?

Bellini: Prestashop has matured immensely since I started to use it, but it is not without its quirks.   With so many different versions of Prestashop having been released, and each new version resolving issues, but also introducing new issues, you are constantly having to adapt your solutions.  With a new version of Prestashop released every 2-3 months, a reliable, functional and consistent upgrade process should exist. 

Apart from Prestashop, are you involved in development with any other platform?

Bellini: I have worked with OSCommerce, Magento and WordPress over the years.

Now, coming to Xtendify. How is your experience with Xtendify so far? 

Bellini: I am enjoying the selling features of Xtendify, and how quickly and effectively new Products can be released to the market place. 

What are the three main reasons for which you will recommend Xtendify to your friends / collegues?

Bellini: The speed and ease of adding or upgrading a product on the market place.  The various selling options (single vs extended licenses, installation support, upgrade policy etc). 

How can we further improve user and seller experience on Xtendify?

Bellini: The customer message interface is a bit confusing to use at first.  It took some time to understand how to expand the history of the conversation.  Also having access to the customer details for sold products would be a plus for cross selling, marketing and support.

Well, that was awesome Michael. Thanks for your time and we have noted your points about improving Xtendify. We do have a lot of things coming up, follow us to get regular updates.

View Michael's Portfolio with Xtendify.

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