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Boost the traffic on your webshop and build your list with 2 powerful marketing tools - and do it with 1 module! The module allows you to display personality quizzes on your site and in the results, you can recommend one of your products to the users. Use interesting and useful polls/survey, to grab people’s attention, give them vouchers and build your e-mail address list at the same time. Laszlo

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Know what your visitors want

2 function (quiz and poll/survey) in 1 modul. You’ll get to know exactly what your visitors need and like, if you use polls on your site.

More visitors

Reach more visitors with the built-in social media functions

Enlarged disposal

With the precisely targeted, personalized product suggestions you will surely make more selling.

Simple and effective listbuilding

Visitors will give you their email addresses to see the results of the quizes.

Special features

The quiz and poll module is uniquely cooperates with the Presta system. This means, the tests not just additional parts of the site, but they are maximize the functions of the webshop. You can make great and addictive games and promotions with it.
  • Offers products based on the result of the quiz
  • Offers gift vouchers
  • Listbuilding


  • Allows limitless numbers of quizzes
  • Limitless numbers of polls
  • As much question per quiz or poll as you want
  • Advenced admin interface
  • Offers gift voucher to the users
  • Offers a product from the webshop by the result of the quiz
  • Collecting e-mail addresses (listbuilding)
  • Separate pages for the quizzes (with own URLs)
  • Different result texts based on the given answers
  • Share the quizzes on the main social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Hide and show options for the quizzes (active and inactive status)
  • Display the list of quizzes in a block of the sidebar
  • Display the list of the quizzes on the home page
  • Shows the number of fills (statitics about the popularity of quizzes)
  • Add descriptions to the quizzes and polls, if you want
  • Add descriptions to the questions and answers, if you want
  • User friendly URL support


  • Prestashop 1.6.x ( -
  • Prestashop 1.5.x ( -

Translations Supported English translation supported

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Single License ($48.15)
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